Welcome to the Splunk application for Kafka Smart Monitoring documentation

The Splunk application for Kafka Smart Monitoring with provides performance management, reporting and alerting for Kafka components metrics ingested in the Splunk metric store:

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The application provides builtin and native monitoring for Apache Kafka components, as well as the Confluent stack components:

  • Zookeeper
  • Apache Kafka Brokers
  • Apache Kafka Connect
  • Confluent schema-registry
  • Confluent ksql-server
  • Confluent kafka-rest
  • Kafka SLA and end to end monitoring with the LinkedIn Kafka monitor
  • Confluent Interceptors monitoring for lag monitoring of consumers and producers
  • Kafka Consumers lag monitoring with Burrow (Kafka Connect connectors, Kafka Streams…)

Fully multi-tenant compatible, the application can manage different environments, data-centers, etc specially using tags at metrics low level.

It is recommended to read the unified guide for Kafka and Confluent monitoring first:




Versioniong and build history: